Resume Tips

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The days of sending a resume via USPS on nice colored resume paper with interesting fonts are pretty much over. More and more companies won’t even accept paper resumes. Today employers are looking for resumes that are concise and can be easily searched in their resume database. Here are a few resume tips to help you land the job.

1. Avoid Mistakes: This may be stating the obvious but it is extremely important for your resume to be free of spelling and grammar errors. These little mistakes may veer the employers train of thought from considering you as a candidate to “how did they let this error slip by them?”

2. Keywords: Applying for a job requires that you obtain a certain amount of skills. Those skills should be stated somewhere in your resume. Either in a skills section or within past employment history. Use words that you might find in a job description. For examples, if you are applying for CNC machine operator position, the fact that you can read calipers and micrometers may be very useful knowledge to prospective employers.

3. Format : Not only is the text formatting important, so is the format in which you send it.

Having a neat and clean resume with lots of open spaces will help your employers get the important information they need at a glance, increasing your chances of them reading it more thoroughly. Keep all bullets and spacing consistent. Also, consider the file format in which you send it. Microsoft Word or a PDF are the most widely accepted file formats.

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